Prosperplast – industrial automation

We have been working with Prosperplast for two years. As part of this cooperation, we have completed several projects related to industrial automation and building automation as well as IT infrastructure. We have done the following:

  • Wiring, configuration and installation of network CCTV camera software (monitoring)
  • Extension of the existing production control system – hall no. 6,8,9 – Rybarzowice ul. Wilkowska 968,
  • Supply of equipment, installation and configuration of control automatics,
  • Delivery of electrical and automation components,
  • Supply and installation of an electrical installation cooperating with the publicity of the exhibition hall in Rybarzowice,
  • Overview, adjustment, flow and reading settings and modification of control of cooling system, heat recovery, ventilation and heating in halls system in Rybarzowice,
  • Installation, configuration and commissioning of the IT overvoltage protection system in the Wilkowice office building – logistic center – part 1,


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