IT Infrastructure

Just as every building needs a solid foundation, every IT system needs a stable and reliable infrastructure.

IT infrastructure consists of:

  • Structural cabling,
  • Active devices for building LAN / WAN / WiFi,
  • Switchboard / VoIP solutions,
  • Server rooms / DataCenter
  • Guaranteed power,
  • Guaranteed environmental parameters,


Each of the mentioned above elements is important and it has its value depending on the size of the company and the importance of its IT systems. By building an IT infrastructure, it is important to remember that it is built for years, and considering the very dynamic development of IT technologies, we recommend choosing the latest standards to ensure that our new IT infrastructure will serve for at least a few years. Also take into account the fact that some infrastructure elements, such as cabling, are very difficult to modernize. When planning a budget for such an investment, it can not be forgotten that the company for which we build the infrastructure is usually getting bigger year by year. We recommend to build 30% up to 50% of the inventory in your infrastructure in advance, and 100% of the space in advance, in which you will be able to expand in a few years. Such an approach avoids the annual expansion of the installation, which is usually expensive but above all very troublesome.

IT infrastructure should grow according to the company’s growth and best to anticipate its development. If the company is growing faster than IT infrastructure, then sooner or later will start experiencing problems. Therefore, regardless of the size of your business, you need to ensure a solid and stable IT infrastructure.

Our Infrastructure department has many years of experience in building IT infrastructure.
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