KNX – Smart home

In June 2017 we started the implementation of a new intelligent home project. The project will be almost entirely based on KNX but also on other protocols such as Modbus and M-Bus. Project assumptions:

  • Total lighting based on DALI (about 200 ballasts)
  • Most electrical outlets are controlled by KNX,
  • Full control of underfloor heating and passive cool cooling together with heat pump control,
  • Integration of a professional weather station with measurements including UV and snowfall detection,
  • management of heating mats on external sidewalks and access roads,
  • water circulation management,
  • operation of the air handling unit with automatic air quality management,
  • elevator control and swimming pool supervision,
  • management of the entire power supply system integrated with RES (photovoltaic)
  • Full-featured two-way video and doorphone integration,
  • alarm system integration,
  • Full visualization of the system and implementation of automated scenarios,
  • operation of an electric car charging station,
  • building IT infrastructure with active LAN and WLAN devices,
  • construction of multiroom multimedia system,

As you can see it is a very big project that integrates all the systems. But only this approach guarantees the best results of building a smart home.


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