Dedicated software

There is a wide choice of software for different applications. Virtually every field has a good collection of ready-made software. However, in many cases it turns out that there are some technical and functional requirements that can only be met by dedicated software.

Such software is created by a select and experienced team of system architects, developers and testers. Agile methods allow you to quickly verify the quality and functionality of your software.



The most common reasons for creating dedicated software are:

  • Specific functional requirements, resulting from, for example, non-typical processes or procedures,
  • Specific technical requirements, such as the need to cooperate with specialized equipment or machines,
  • Specific communication or integration requirements, such as the need to exchange data between different systems or with non-standard protocols,

Of course, dedicated software is aimed at companies of all sizes, but the cost-effectiveness of such software depends on the scale and scope of the topic. It is certainly not worthwhile to create a complete ERP system for a small, several-company. But even small businesses may need to supplement their software with specific functionality. Supporting such unusual and important processes, which are their distinguishing feature in the business.

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