Formed – medical solutions

WolfOS together with HDLsoft, working on behalf of Formed ( developed Interoom for the management of hospital operating rooms. A two-year project in which all modules have been created from scratch is a comprehensive and consistent solution. The system includes modules:

  • image recording module (main module), which allows to handle virtually unlimited video and audio sources. It supports all types of video signals encountered in medicine: 3G / HD / SD-SDI, HDMI (FullHD and 4K), Composite / RGB,
  • Lamp module and / or operating table, allowing easy and intuitive management of the entire equipment,
  • Music module, allows you to play your favorite music on the operating room, create tz. playlists or listen to any internet radio station,
  • A conference module that allows two-way communication between the operating room and the image and sound, and any other location, such as a conference room or other hospital,
  • A building automation module that controls heating, lighting, air quality, doors, blinds, shutters and other operating room equipment. This module can monitor the quality of the electricity supply as well as the level of medical gases supplied to the room. All parameters and values are visualized on the screen and can be remotely monitored. This module may be the basis for the hospital BMS system,
  • Integration modules with HIS / PACS systems. These modules allow integration with selected HIS and / or PACS systems, but we have the ability to integrate with any other system after prior analysis,

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